SwissLives Sheep Placenta with Lycopene is legally manufactured in New Zealand for export and has been registered with the necessary authorities, following stipulated laws and regulatory guidelines to ensure the product is not only of the highest quality but approved as a natural supplement.The Health Services Authority in Singapore has notification about SwissLives Sheep Placenta with Lycopene and has outlined the necessary guidelines and regulations which need to be followed for the import, manufacture and local sales of this product.

Medsafe, the New Zealand medicines and medical services safety authority, which is a business unit of the Ministry of Health, has confirmed that it has been notified by the laboratory in New Zealand that it is producing SwissLife Sheep Placenta with Lycopene for supply in New Zealand and for export.

SwissLives can provide written confirmation from Alpha Laboratories, in Auckland, that it manufacturers SwissLives Sheep Placenta with Lycopene using sheep placenta that has been assessed by the relevant New Zealand Authorities, is disease free, and is fit for human consumption.

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