The placenta is the organ of life; the first nourishment for cells to grow and the immune system to develop. Using the latest extraction technology, the bio-activity of the Sheep Placenta extract is kept ‘live’. The strength of the sheep’s immune system is renowned and the proteins are compatible with the inner workings of your cells.

Sheep Placenta from New Zealand is a premium, natural nutritional supplement which is free from hormones or antibiotics, and is sourced from a mild climate which helps preserve the stem cell bio-activity. SwissLives Sheep Placenta with Lycopene has concentrated nutrients, including growth factors, antibodies, amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals, with bio-active cytokines which interact with the immune system and look after cellular processes.

Why Sheep Placenta

20 Premium Key Benefits


Premium Ingredients

Complementing the health and beauty benefits of the Sheep Placenta and helping combat the signs of ageing, cellular changes in the body and the effects of toxins in the body, SwissLives Sheep Placenta with Lycopene has several Premium Ingredients to give your body an ongoing beneficial boost.

Lycopene Oil – One of the most powerful anti-oxidant, a hundred times more capable than Vitamin E

Squalene – Extracted from deep-sea shark liver oil, an antioxidant to help prevent damage to the body from free radicals. Known for its positive effects on carcinogenesis.

Marine Collagen – Stimulates natural collagen production and replenishes depleting collagen as a result of ageing. Increases skin elasticity and firmness, and reduces wrinkles.

Aloe Vera Powder – An anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties to combat free radicals which cause ageing and cell damage, with nutrients and minerals and healing properties.