Stem Cell Therapy: A Worthwhile Aged Science

Stem Cell Therapy: A Worthwhile Aged Science

For over 70 years, the blossoming industry of stem cell therapy for beauty and wellness has been a hot issue worldwide. This controversy ballooned probably due to the deficient knowledge people had about the exceptional benefits they can get from it.

The first documented discussion made about the concept of stem cell therapy can be found on the “Great Surgery Book” written by the German-Swiss physician named Phillippus Aureolus Paracelsus in 1536. There he claimed that like tissues of the body can heal similar tissues (e.g. heart heals heart) and that the utilization of living human tissues is the best way to treat those who are poor in health.

The first stem cell procedure took place in 1667 during the reign of Louis XIV in France, when Jean-Baptiste Denis transfused calf’s blood (made up of cells) to a mentally-ill patient. Centuries later, the first recorded non-blood stem cell procedure was made by physicians from Germany in 1912 to treat kids with underactive thyroids (hypothyroidism) using thyroid cells.

Professor_Paul_Niehans Live Cell Therapy Sheep Placenta

Dr. Paul Niehans from Switzerland paved the way for better and more established concepts on the science of stem cell therapy, thus he became known as the “father of cell therapy”. Due to an unlikely incident during a surgery, he discovered that injecting similar organ tissue from animals can be as effective as human organ transplant in treating medical conditions, hence a good and easier alternative.

Moreover, Pope Pius XII himself went through live stem cell therapy and was so pleased with the remarkable result that he inducted Dr. Niehans into the Papal Academy of Science, succeeding penicillin discoverer Sir Alexander Fleming.

Winston Churchil Stemcell Therapy Sheep Placenta

Other great leaders who received the therapy (e.g. US President Eisenhower, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle) claimed that the treatment granted them excellent levels of concentration and physical stamina that kept them going despite terrific pressures.

Stem cell therapy studies focus on the regeneration capacity of human cells. Scientifically speaking, a human cell is capable of developing into different types of cells which can restore or replace damaged cells from other organs of the body. This is the primary reason why scientists see stem cell therapy as a promising solution to the skyrocketing cases of organ damage and failures.

The stem cell therapy process begins with the careful selection and collection of organ cells from a fetal animal exclusively bred for the purpose. Through years of experience, scientists claim that no other animal is more ideal to use in cell therapy than sheep.

Ovine cells have natural disease-fighting capacities and immune system boosters that give them resiliency and vigor. The highly compatible proteins found in sheep cells do not set off defense reactions on the human body. Only fresh, live and vital cells should be injected to the human body to gain optimal outcomes.

Host bodies do not identify and attack antigen-free fetal cells. After being injected, fetal cells from donor animals will circulate and find its way into the same human counterpart organ where it was taken (e.g. heart cells go to the heart) and congregates there. The therapy is organ but not species specific, imprinting the healthy animal donor’s vital cell characteristics into the recipient’s tired, old cells that need revitalization.

More than overall body rejuvenation and health preservation, cell therapy is also proven to successfully and positively stimulate specific organ cells in the human body concerned with degenerative brain disease, osteoporosis, asthma, obesity, arthritis, sexually dysfunction, diabetes and disturbances in hormone balance, metabolism, and circulation. Stem cell therapy also has a great potential for therapeutic cloning (e.g. laboratory-grown limbs)

Nobody wants to grow old, but this is an inevitable and unstoppable natural phenomenon all of us need to go through. Let the numbers change without letting your looks age. Be healthy, look young and stay fit altogether by keeping your mind open to the many miracles stem cell therapy can provide.

Besides, what seems impossible to us now may be a reality in the years to come when the promising therapy becomes the ultimate solution to the world’s major health problems.